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    2015 ASOR Annual Meeting Presentations [VIDEO]
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    Twitter Recap: Protecting Our Shared Heritage in Syria— International Summit to Promote Collaboration
  • Qyzqapan 6-7th century B.C., Iraq. All images courtesy of Mapping Mesopotamian Monuments. Department of Art History and Archaeology, Columbia University. All rights reserved.
    Preserving the Past: the Mapping Mesopotamian Monuments Project
  • Quarry near Elephantine.
    Crime and Punishment in Pharaonic Egypt

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  • lda1

    2015 Campaign at Kınık Höyük

    By: Lorenzo D’Alfonso, Harris Grant Recipient The 2015 campaign at Kınık Höyük (southern Cappadocia, Turkey), covering the two months of June and July, capped off the first 5 year cycle of archaeological investigations at the site (2011-2015). This is significant benchmark for any venture, and is especially so for the project that I direct. For […]

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  • Castolano_FB-Cover

    Looking into the stratigraphy: deep sounding at Kinik Höyük (Southern Cappadocia)

    Thanks to ASOR and to ISAW-NYU, this summer I have participated for two months in the excavations at Kinik Höyük, a site located in Southern Cappadocia (Turkey).

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  • McBride_FB-Cover

    Teaching in the Trenches: The Omrit Fieldschool

    By: Kathryn McBride, Member Supported Fellowship Recipient  This was my second year working in the northern Galilee, Israel at the site of Omrit, a project run through the cooperative efforts of five American universities (Carthage College, Williams College, the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, Queens College-City University of New York, and St. John’s University), in […]

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  • Hill_FB-Cover

    Field Walking and Drone Flying, the 2015 Survey at Wadi al Ashert

    By: Austin “Chad” Hill, 2015 P.E. McAllister Fellowship Recipient This summer, thanks to an ASOR P.E. McAllister Fellowship, I was able to continue working with the Galilee Prehistory Project {GPP) of the Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago. I have been thrilled to be a part of this research program since its inception in 2009. […]

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