• Tell en-Nasbeh collar rim jar during excavation. Photograph courtesy of A. Brody.
    Genetics and the Archaeology of Ancient Israel
  • Transverse Linear Enamel Hypoplasia lines
    The Life and Health of Assyrian Queens
  • Late Uruk seal showing seated women workers
    Children in Ancient Sumer: How Much Do We Know?
  • Ancient Near East Today May
    New Sources and Insights on Judeans in the Babylonian Exile
  • Apsis mosaic of Santa Pudenziana
    What did Jesus look like?
  • P.Vindob. G 2312: A Greek papyrus amulet citing Romans 12:1-2, John 2:1a-2, and Ps. 90:1-2
Source: Papyrus Collection, Austrian National Library
    Ancient Papyri Online and for Sale
  • Photograph by Col. Mary Prophit, US Army, January 2010.
    Hatra Image Gallery
  • Archaic text from Uruk, MSVO 3, no. 1, now on permanent loan by the State of Berlin to the Vorderasiatisches Museum. http://cdli.ox.ac.uk/wiki/lib/exe/detail.php?id=the_late_uruk_period&media=images:lateuruk04.jpg
    From Banning to Changchun: Cuneiform Studies Online, Today and Tomorrow
  • 5
    Hatra, The Lesser Known Splendors of a Parthian Frontier Town
  • Figure4
    Tomb Tracking: A New Burial Survey of Roman Galilee (1st-6th cent. CE)
  • Aerial view of Hasanlu. Hasanlu Project, Courtesy of the Penn Museum.
    Gender and Jewelry at Hasanlu
  • Reconstruction of a four-room house.
    The Bible, Archaeology, and the History of Early Israel
  • Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Crusader era graffiti
    Graffiti—the ‘Selfies’ of the Ancient Near East?
  • Blakely-Banner
    Iron Age Bullae from Officialdom’s Periphery: Khirbet Summeily in Broader Context
  • Code of Hammurabi
    Cursing in the Ancient Near East
  • Saladin-citadel
    7 Things You Should Know About ASOR’s Syrian Heritage Initiative
  • The 2014 RAP excavations at Gird-i Dasht showing Islamic fortifications of the early modern era at the mound’s summit.
    Kurdistan 2014: Archaeology amid Uncertainty

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  • Jenn Thum Poster Reflectance Transformation Imaging

    Rediscovery with Reflectance Transformation Imaging – Annual Meeting Poster [VIDEO]

    This paper presents the contents of the block as revealed through Reflectance Transformation Imaging (RTI) and digital epigraphy. The author applied these technologies as part of […]

  • Darlene Brooks Hedstrom

    From the Nile to the Desert and Back

    At the 2014 ASOR Annual Meeting, Darlene Brookes Hedstrom, of Wittenberg University, met with ASORtv to present her paper, “From the Nile to the Desert and Back: Writing a New History of Egyptian Monastic Site Formation.” She first presented her […]

  • Jody Gordon ASOR AM Mini Alexandrias

    Mini-Alexandrias or Local Continuity? [VIDEO]

    Anyone who has ever been to a conference knows how difficult it can be to eat, let alone fit in all the things you want to do. That’s why we at ASOR are so grateful to all of the volunteers who took time during the 2014 ASOR Annual Meeting to meet […]

  • Cameron Petrie Radiocarbon dating

    Radiocarbon Dating the Fourth and Third Millennia BCE in Iran [VIDEO]

    At the 2014 ASOR Annual Meeting, Cameron A. Petrie of the University of Cambridge, volunteered to present his paper for ASORtv. “Radiocarbon Dating the Fourth and Third Millennia BCE in Iran: Lessons Learned […]

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  • Tim Harrison Sea Peoples Tayinat

    Sea Peoples in North Syria and the Mediterranean Coast

    Who were the Philistines? The Israelites’ greatest enemy, and their relationship to the Sea Peoples at the end of the Late Bronze Age, continues to fascinate scholars and the public alike. But new interpretations of […]

  • archaeology podcast Pyla-Koutsopetria I Archaeological Survey of an Ancient Coastal Town

    “Interview with the Author: Pyla-Koutsopetria I,” Featuring William Caraher

    In this episode of the Friends of ASOR Podcast, we’re excited to bring you an interview with William Caraher, one of the authors of Pyla-Koutsopetri I: Archaeological Survey of a Ancient Coastal Town. The book […]

  • 1557339_10152113818783851_1457507820_o

    A Bibliography that Matters

    In our final podcast introducing the Syrian Heritage Initiative, we’re speaking with former Cultural Heritage Specialist, Kurt Prescott about an important aspect of the Syrian Heritage Initiative … the bibliography. While it may not be as flashy as conservation, maps, or networking by using social […]

  • DSC_0226

    Conservation and Heritage Preservation of the Syrian Heritage Initiative

    In continuing our discussion on the cooperative agreement between the U.S. Department of State and ASOR, known as the Syrian Heritage Initiative, we’re discussing the preservation projects of the initiative […]

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