Friday , 22 August 2014

Ur of the Chaldees. A Virtual Vision of Woolley’s Excavations at Ur

By: Gareth Brereton Tell al-Muqayyar - better known as the ancient city of Ur - is one of the most remarkable archaeological sites discovere ...

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“Gilgamesh: Civilization vs. Natural World,” Featuring J.J.M. Roberts

In this episode, ASOR’s own Ancient Near East Today editor, Alex Joffe spoke with Jimmy Jack McBee Roberts (J. J. M. Roberts) the William Henry Green Professor of Old Testament Literature (Emeritus) a ...

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Roast and Toast of Retiring Albright Director, Sy Gitin [Video]

Don't forget to check out our YouTube channel ASORtv! Just click the subscribe button below! The above video is the entire, “Roast and Toast ...Read More »

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