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Near Eastern Archaeology (NEA), a publication of the American Schools for Oriental Research (ASOR), is seeking an editor for a three-year term beginning January 1, 2012, for twelve quarterly issues. NEA is a peer-reviewed, illustrated publication intended for non-specialists. The journal accepts submissions pertaining to the prehistory and history of the Near East. The duties of the position include: maintenance of an editorial office for the journal; solicitation and acquisition of manuscripts suitable for publication; implementation of a peer review process for the evaluation of manuscripts; collaboration with the managing editor, the art director of the journal, and the ASOR publications director; chairing an editorial board; actively promoting the journal online; and editing and proofreading each issue. The duties also include timely publication of journal issues and providing quarterly reports to the Chair of the Publications Committee. The Editor of NEA will have editorial control over the journal, within the parameters of the editorial mission established for NEA by ASOR. The successful candidate should anticipate managing a transition to an online article submission and review process and have a strategy for increasing the presence of NEA on the internet. Ideally, the Editor should have knowledge of the production and distribution processes common to print and electronic journals. The Editor of NEA currently receives a stipend as well as reimbursement for travel expenses to ASOR’s Annual Meeting. These funds also could be reallocated to provide release time at the successful candidate’s home institution. ASOR will negotiate details regarding administrative support and other basic infrastructure in collaboration with the successful candidate. The search committee requests proposals from applicants outlining a vision for the future of the journal, which includes the candidates plan for the following: 1) increasing the journals online presence; 2) promoting the journal outside ASOR; 3) transitioning to an online article submission and review process; and 4) increasing the journal’s appeal to the educated enthusiast. Applications from a single editor, coeditors, or an editorial team will be considered and accepted until the position is filled. All applications received by September 6, 2011 will receive full consideration. The candidate’s application package should consist of the aforementioned vision statement and a current CV. These materials, and any other inquiries, should be submitted via e-mail to Dr. Jeff Blakely (

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