NEA issue (from 2006) that discusses Talpiot Tomb available for free for a limited time

ASOR is pleased to announce that it has made an issue of Near Eastern Archaeology (NEA 69:3/4 [2006]) available for free on JSTOR for the next month. This issue of NEA contains articles by leading scholars that examine the hypothesis that a Talpiot Tomb belonged to Jesus’ family. The issue contains articles by Eric M. […]


ASOR Platt Fellowship: Supporting Student Research at Çatalhöyük

Thanks to ASOR, I am now afraid of dogs. I should clarify: I am afraid of dogs because I was chased down by vicious, barking, salivating, mastiff-sized köpekler in central Turkey. And I was only there because ASOR selected me as one of the recipients for their Platt fellowship. I applied for ASOR’s generous stipend […]


Archaeology in the News!

In the ongoing debate over the Talpiyot Tombs several more responses have been posted on the blog. Read through them to see a range of scholars opinions on the matter. Archaeologists excavating at  Ramat Rahel, the site of the only known palace dating back to the kingdom of Biblical Judah, have been able to determine the […]


The Four-Line Ossuary Inscription from Talpiyot Tomb B – an Interpretation

Richard Bauckham, Preamble: I should first explain that in the autumn of 2011 I took part in a lengthy email correspondence about this inscription with James Tabor, Greg Snyder and Jim Charlesworth. It was a profitable conversation in which we made real progress in both reading and interpreting the inscription, though we certainly did […]

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