Israel’s Marine Archaeology Treasures – An Endangered Cultural Resource

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02002 By: Ehud Galili and Sarah Arenson The Maritime cultural heritage of Israel is an integral part of human history, from the Neolithic revolution to the first Empires as well as the foundation of monotheistic religions. Responsibly preserving that heritage is an immense challenge. Excavations and surveys revealed harbors and anchorages, prehistoric settlements inundated by the sea, shipwrecks and their cargoes and various coastal settlements and installations. These cultural assets represent important historical milestones, while demonstrating the continuous relationship between humans and the sea. Atlit-Yam pre Pottery Neolithic water well (I. Greenberg). The Ottoman shipwreck DW2 in Dor Lagoon (J. Galili). Rock cut pool for keeping murex shells intended for the purple dye industry in Shiqmona (E.G.). General location map-Harbors, Anchorages, submerged prehistoric settlements and protected marine archaeological sites on the Mediterranean Coast of Israel: A – northern section, B – southern section, C –the Sea of Galilee, D – The Carmel coast and Haifa bay, E -the Dead Sea (E.G.) The seabed and shores of Israel form a vast “data bank” of knowledge about antiquity, but much of it has yet to be discovered and studied. Underwater and coastal archaeological sites are exceptionally valuable also from the economic point of view. Careful preservation and development can turn them into an asset, attracting domestic and foreign tourism. Israeli coastal cities

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