• Figure 9. Female head, ivory. Nimrud, Iraq, 900-700 BCE. The British Museum, BM 118220, © Trustees of The British Museum.
    Who’s the Fairest of them all? Feminine Beauty in the Hebrew Bible and Iron Age Ivory Sculpture
  • Fig. 6: Fragment of the 5th tablet of the “Song of Release”, published in H. Otten & Ch. Rüster, Keilschrifttexte aus Boğazköy vol. 32, text no. 15. The tablet is bilingual: on the left there is the column with the Hurrian text, on the right the column with the Hittite translation; from www.hethport.uni-wuerzburg.de
    Narrative Literature of Hurrian Origin: Moving Treasures from the Ancient Near East
  • 2015_Nov_Hawker
    A Call for the Preservation of Heritage Landscapes in the United Arab Emirates
  • Duccio di Buoninsegna, Christ's Appearance to the Apostles, ca. 1308-1311 CE
    Did Jesus Speak Greek?
  • Map of prehistoric Lake Missoula
    The Jehoash Affair: A Personal Recollection

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  • Carlos_FB-Cover

    Enjoying History in the Place of the Events

    I have taught Old Testament for many years in different Seminaries. To be in Israel, especially to participate in an archaeological excavation always has been my dream. In 2014, I volunteered […]

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  • Luyten_FB-Cover

    Archaeology is Ancient History: A month in the Life of Junior Archaeologist

    This experience not only gave me the opportunity to meet a range of highly skilled professionals but it also opened my eyes to the wider world and all the amazing […]

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  • Lovejoy_FB-Cover

    Life Outside the Temenos

    I was the trench supervisor for the Brown University Labraunda Project, overseeing this year’s excavations of the fountain house, which is known as the Hypostyle Building in publication. Our team worked closely with a variety of international scholars […]

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  • Hoisington_FB-Cover

    Mudbricks, Figurines, and Registration: Work in Tell Timai, Egypt

    This summer, I had the opportunity to spend six weeks working on the University of Hawaii Tell Timai Project with the help of ASOR and the Platt Fellowship, which was extremely helpful […]

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