• Duccio di Buoninsegna, Christ's Appearance to the Apostles, ca. 1308-1311 CE
    Did Jesus Speak Greek?
  • Map of prehistoric Lake Missoula
    The Jehoash Affair: A Personal Recollection
  • Shikhin lamp molds. Photo by Tom Allyn.
    Shikhin Between Jews and Romans
  • Stewart Ancient Near East Today
    Hill Museum & Manuscript Library: Working to Preserve the Manuscript Heritage of Syria and Iraq
  • Shimelmitz Ancient Near East Today
    Fire: a Burning Issue in Human Evolution

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  • Selover-FB-Cover

    A Time of Transition at Çadır Höyük

    I write this post from the beautiful site of Çadır Höyük, located in the Yozgat Province in Central Turkey. I have worked here at Çadır for the last four years, and I can only say it gets more beautiful every year. The site is located in the rolling steppe of the Anatolian Plateau, and is a small, but representative site that […]

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  • Wilson-FB-Cover

    Saying Hello to the Unexpected

    I would like to thank ASOR for granting me a Member Supported Scholarship to participate in an excavation this summer. This was my second year of excavation in Israel, which was challenging and full of unexpected surprises, but […]

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  • ErinHall-FB-Cover

    Breaking Ground with a Great Team at Tell es-Safi/Gath 2015

    This season Tell es-Safi/Gath’s Area D nearly doubled in sized, jumping from 30 squares to a whopping 49. Why you ask? This year dig director Aren Maier and area supervisor Amit Dagan discovered […]

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  • Lankiewicz-FB-Cover

    Interactions and Artifacts: Discovering Archaeology and Cypriots in Athienou, Cyprus

    Two-thirds of the way through my first ever archaeological excavation, I can say confidently that there is no other place I would have wanted to begin my career as an […]

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