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Beyond the Texts: An Archaeological Portrait of Ancient Israel and Judah

Writing the ‘history of Israel’ has traditionally begun with the Biblical texts […]


Fighting Over the Bible: Jewish Interpretation, Sectarianism and Polemic from Temple to Talmud and Beyond

We speak of the Abrahamic faiths sharing the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament. But far from unifying Jews, Christians and Muslims, biblical texts divided them […]


The Antikythera Device – A Working Model of the Cosmos

All cultures create models of the cosmos in words and images; the ancient Greeks were the first to make a mechanical working model of the cosmos […]


Revolutionary Biblical Discoveries and the Need for Historical Amnesia

Every few years, the media report new finds of ancient texts that supposedly throw revolutionary new light on the Biblical world and Christian origins. What if very few of these were really new […]


Making Amulets Christian: Artefact, Scribes, and Contexts

What happens to everyday religious practices when there are major cultural and political shifts? Take the example of amulets, incantations written on papyrus, parchment, metal, or other, and the transition to Christianity […]


The Christian Monks Who Saved Jewish History

One of the most remarkable anomalies of Jewish history is that its most popular literature…one of the most remarkable anomalies of Jewish history is that its most popular literature […]


The Grammar of Messianism

Messianism is one of those classic topics in Jewish studies that suffers not for lack of attention but rather for confusion […]


Rebuilding Eden in the Land of Eridu

The site of Eridu had a special place in the Mesopotamian tradition. In Babylonian literature the relevance of Eridu […]


The Exodus in Archaeology and Text

The Exodus is at the core of the Bible: understanding it requires a fusion of archaeology and texts. But a new interpretation suggests that scholars should be looking for […]


The Pharaoh’s Magic – Imagery and Diplomacy in the Late Bronze Age

What was the ‘actual’ role of ancient Egyptian magic in the royal palace […]

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