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“Weathering Life” at the American Center for Oriental Research in Amman, Jordan

Contributed by Sarah Tobin, ACOR Fellow, PhD Candidate at Boston University Perched atop a hillside across from the University of Jordan, ACOR is the perfect location for observing the patterns of life in Amman. Each morning, trucks delivering cooking gas to neighborhood homes drive by, announcing their presence with what can only be described as […]


“Digging” the Financial Crisis

Contributed by Aren M. Maeir, Institute of Archaeology, Bar-Ilan University The world wide financial crisis that is now being felt by all is apparently here to stay. While the adverse effects on the global economy, on the one hand, and on all of our personal finances on the other, are well-known, I believe, that as […]


Chronicle Article on Golb Controversy

Today’s Chronicle of Higher Education features an article entitled The Fall of an Academic Cyberbully by Steve Kolowich. It mentions many ASOR members.


Networks of Plunder

Science News has just published an article by Bruce Bower that discusses antiquities trafficking. It’s called “Networks of Plunder,” and it starts off with the following dramatic sentence: Every day for months, Morag Kersel walked through the streets of Jerusalem to interview researchers, antiquities dealers, museum officials and others about the trafficking of ancient goods: […]


Secrets of The Bible’s Buried Secrets

Contributed by Tristan Barako, Ph.D., Senior Researcher, Providence Pictures When The Bible’s Buried Secrets premiered on PBS this past November, it was NOVA’s most watched show in the past five years, attesting to the enduring interest that biblical archaeology holds for the general public. The two-hour special was produced by Providence Pictures, where I now […]


Archaeologists and Journalists: Please Stop Finding the Garden of Eden!

Contributed by Michael M. Homan, Xavier University of Louisiana. I just read that they found the Garden of Eden again. It seems to have moved from its previous locations in Bahrain, Yemen, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Jerusalem. The latest location of chez Adam & Eve is at Gobekli Tepe. While it is truly an amazing […]


Hisham M’Farreh, Chef at the Albright Institute (1994-Present)

Contributed by Hisham M’Farreh Food is considered an essential element of human life. As in the old Arabic saying, “the shortest route to someone’s heart is through his stomach.” I have been working as a cook at the Albright Institute (AIAR) in Jerusalem for about fifteen years, a job which I took after my uncle […]


Adrift Again on Noah’s Ark

Contributed by Eric Cline. Mea culpa. For more than a week now, I have remained silent, simply rolling my eyes amid news reports that Randall Price is going in search of Noah’s Ark this coming summer (www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,486684,00.html; dated 2 Feb 2009). Eighteen months ago, in Sept 2007, I published an op-ed in the Boston Globe […]


Call for Papers and Sessions 2009 Annual Meeting

Contributed by Kelley Bazydlo We are happy to announce that the Call for Papers and Sessions for ASOR’s 2009 Annual Meeting is now on ASOR’s web site (link). This year’s meeting will be held at the Astor Crowne Plaza in New Orleans from November 18-21, and you can find full information about registration, travel, and […]


Mohammad “Abu Ahmed” Adawi, Chef at ACOR 1968-present

Contributed by Sarah Harpending, American Center of Oriental Research Mohammed “Abu Ahmed” Adawi has spent more than 40 years cooking for archaeologists in Jordan and Palestine. He began as a laborer at the dig in Jericho with Kathleen Kenyon in 1956. By 1960 he was cooking at ASOR in Jerusalem under then Head Chef Omar […]

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