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Women of Archaeology Archives - The ASOR Blog


[FOR NEW PARTICIPANTS AND FOR THOSE WHO TOOK THE SURVEY IN 2014] Stories about romantic escapades on archaeological excavations are legend, as anyone who has worked on a dig can surely attest. We have all heard about happy relationships that began in the field and thrived for decades. But as we also know, excavation […]

Norma Franklin Dig Bag

What’s in your dig bag, Norma Franklin?

I don’t carry a trowel on purpose. If I did it would be a Marshalltown. The reason I don’t have one in my hand Is because I would be tempted to jump in and so deprive a hard working team member of the fun of revealing an exciting find […]


Celebrating Carol Meyers

Together with Susan Ackerman and Chuck Carter, I was privileged serve as editor of the new festschrift honoring Carol Meyers, Celebrate Her for the Fruit of Her Hands (Eisenbrauns 2015), and to have contributed an article to it (“Plaque Figurines and the Relationship between […]


The “Women in Archaeology” Symposium at the University of Pennsylvania

By: Dr. Yoko Nishimura, Mellon Post-doctoral Teaching Fellow Despite the rainy weather on March 29, 2014, our one-day symposium on “Women in Archaeology” was well-attended and was carried out with a great success at the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology. Endowed with generous funds and kind supports from a number of institutions at […]


Ask an Archaeologist: Dr. Emily Holt, Zooarchaeologist and Oberlin College Assistant Professor

For this week’s episode of Ask An Archaeologist we sat down with Dr. Emily Holt, Visiting Assistant Professor at Oberlin College.  Dr. Holt is an environmental archaeologist and zooarchaeologist who studies the Nuragic culture, which is the ancient culture of Bronze Age Sardinia, an island off the Western Coast of Italy. These are the viewer-submitted […]


The Women of ASOR Map: Creating Opportunities for Networking and Mentoring within Near Eastern Archaeology

By: Aviva Cormier Membership Specialist and Publications Assistant The American Schools of Oriental Research In 2012, I began researching the “Women of ASOR,” on behalf of the ASOR Initiative on the Status of Women, creating a resource map for ASOR’s membership, in order to emphasize the efforts and successes of ASOR’s female members working in […]


Women in Archaeology

By: Dr. Nancy Serwint, Associate Professor, Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts Arizona State University I have always thought that the sandbox of archaeology was big enough for lots of us to play in, and I guess, for the most part, I was never that observant to actually see who was doing the playing.  Having grown […]


Claiming Dig Fashion

By Jennie Ebeling and Hilda Torres University of Evansville “It is important, when planning an expedition, to decide what you are going to wear. For the pop culture archaeologist the choice is simple …” (Russell 48). British archaeologist Miles Russell is referring, of course, to the “archaeologist as adventurer” wardrobe that originated in early 20th […]


Breaking In: Women’s Representation in Archaeology

By: Valerie Schlegel Undergraduate Judaic Studies Major at The University of Arizona March is Women’s History Month, which highlights the achievements women have made in a variety of disciplines. When thinking about women in the field of archeology, one wonders how often are women found in leadership positions. To answer this question, I have been […]


Women on ASOR’s Board of Trustees

By: Beth Alpert Nakhai, Ph.D. Arizona Center for Judaic Studies The University of Arizona Marshall 420; 845 N. Park Ave. Tucson, AZ   85721 bnakhai@email.arizona.edu The last several decades have been ones of introspection for professional women, as they look to where they have been in their various vocations – and of activism, as they work to […]


Gender, Identity and Memory in The Mortuary Practices of Elite Women in Eighth-Sixth Century BCE Egypt

By Dr. Jean Li, Ryerson University Whenever I teach Ancient Egypt I begin by asking my students, “What comes to mind when you think about Ancient Egypt?” The replies, as one can imagine, invariably include “pyramids”, and “King Tut”. These are indeed our images of ancient Egypt: kings and great monuments to kings. Strikingly absent […]


Choosing Islamic Archaeology, Mentoring and Directing, and Looking to the Future

EnglishEnglishFrenchPowered by TranslateBy: Dr. Bethany J. Walker Annemarie Schimmel Kolleg, University of Bonn When I was asked to contribute to ASOR’s blog posts celebrating women in Middle Eastern archaeology, I was honored and perplexed. My personal story is not particularly special or interesting, in my eyes. I am happy to share it, however, as it […]


The Female Marshalltown

By: Dr. Nava Panitz-Cohen, Co-director at Tel Abel Beth Maacah Hebrew University of Jerusalem My name is Nava Panitz-Cohen. I have my Ph.D. from  the Institute of Archaeology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. I have worked for some two and a half decades at field excavations such as Tel Miqne, Tel Batash, Tel Beth-Shean, […]

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