• Yodfat
    Josephus Reconsidered
  • Font of St. Vitalis from Sbeitla in Tunisia showing elaborate decoration.
    A New Look at Baptism
  • Ur III list of barley rations to adults and children.
    Children in the Ancient Near East
  • Tell Jemmeh, July 2012. Photo by A. Joffe.
    Publishing the Tell Jemmeh Excavations, 40 years later
  • Fig17
    The Early Bronze Age I Site and Necropolis of Jebel al-Mutawwaq, Jordan
  • The site of Tell Deir ‘Alla in Jordan. Photo: © Lucas Petit.
    The Dutch and the Ancient Near East
  • Baal cycle tablet, Louvre Museum
    The Current State of Ugaritic Studies
  • Harry Ettlinger. All figures courtesy of Patty Gerstenblith.
    The 1954 Hague Convention at 60
  • Panoramic view of Persepolis
    What’s New with Ezra-Nehemiah
  • Mass grave in cave Lachish showing skulls of some individuals buried after the Assyrian conquest of Lachish under Sennacherib in 701 BC (from Lachish III, Pl. 4).
    Horrors of War in the Ancient Near East
  • Saladin-citadel
    6 Things You Need to Know About ASOR’s Syrian Heritage Initiative
  • The 2014 RAP excavations at Gird-i Dasht showing Islamic fortifications of the early modern era at the mound’s summit.
    Kurdistan 2014: Archaeology amid Uncertainty
  • Map of Assyrian Empire.
    When were the Israelites? Understanding Israelite Identity in the Pre-Exilic Period
  • Ur of Chaldees: A Virtual Vision of Woolley's Excavations at Ur
  • asor4
    Cities of Desire

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  • Susan Ackerman PODCAST

    FOA Podcast: “State of Biblical Archaeology Around the World,” Featuring Dr. Susan Ackerman

    In this episode ASOR’s own Ancient Near East Today editor, Alex Joffe discusses the present ups and downs of studying biblical archaeology and the humanities, with [...]

  • ASORPodcasts copy

    “Gilgamesh: Civilization vs. Natural World,” Featuring J.J.M. Roberts

    In this episode, ASOR’s own Ancient Near East Today editor, Alex Joffe spoke with Jimmy Jack McBee Roberts (J. J. M. Roberts) the William Henry Green Professor of Old Testament Literature (Emeritus) at Princeton Theological Seminary.

  • ASORPodcasts copy

    “The Legacies of Herod the Great,” featuring Professor Barbara Burrell

    Near Eastern Archaeology, Volume 77, Issue 2 was a special issue focusing on Herod the Great. Herod has been described in many ways, from the greatest builder in Jewish history, to the slaughterer of innocents. University of Cincinnati professor, Barbara Burrell a call

  • ASORPodcasts copy

    “The Tablet That’s Changing an Old Story,” featuring Professor Alan Millard

    In this episode, ASOR’s own Ancient Near East Today editor, Alex Joffe talks with professor and author Alan Millard. The podcast focuses on a newly published tablet that is shedding new light on the Epic of Gilgamesh. The epic follows the perilous journeys of the king


  • Slide11

    Finding Common Ground: Roman- Parthian Embassies in the Julio-Claudian Period

    At the 2013 ASOR Annual Meeting, Jason Schlude (Duquesne University) and Benjamin Rubin (Williams College) presented their paper, “Finding Common Ground: Roman- Parthian Embassies in the Julio-Claudian Period.”

  • pedro paper.Still001

    Architecture and Archaeology: What an Architect Does Among Archaeologists

    At the 2013 ASOR Annual Meeting, Pedro Azara, of Escola Tècnica Superior d’Arquitectura de Barcelona, presented his paper. His paper, “Architecture and Archaeology: What an Architect…

  • AM_Crowd

    ASOR Members’ Most Memorable Annual Meeting Moment

    We sat down with a few of our members at the most recent Annual Meeting for a new segment onASORtv, ASOR Interviews. We asked the question, “What was your most memorable ASOR Annual Meeting Moment?”

  • ASOR_2013_small.001

    Report on 2010–2013 Excavations at Horvat Kur, Galilee

    At the 2013 ASOR Annual Meeting, Wofford College professor, Byron McCane sat down with us to present his paper for ASORtv. His paper, “Report on 2010–2013 Excavations at Horvat Kur, Galilee,” was co-written by Juergen

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