• Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Crusader era graffiti
    Graffiti—the ‘Selfies’ of the Ancient Near East?
  • Blakely-Banner
    Iron Age Bullae from Officialdom’s Periphery: Khirbet Summeily in Broader Context
  • The German Emperor Wilhelm II 1898 in Baalbek. Postcard, Collection Wolf-Dieter Lemke, Berlin.
    Recovering Assur
  • Advertising poster for Exodus: Gods and Kings.
    “In a world where slaves make bricks without straw…”
  • Arch of Titus.
    What did Jewish Priests Wear?
  • Location of Jebel Sinjar showing recent clashes and population displacements.
    Political Landscapes along the Central Euphrates River, Then and Now
  • Code of Hammurabi
    Cursing in the Ancient Near East
  • JasonUr
    2014 ASOR Annual Meeting Plenary Address: Jason Ur [VIDEO]
  • Yodfat
    Josephus Reconsidered
  • Font of St. Vitalis from Sbeitla in Tunisia showing elaborate decoration.
    A New Look at Baptism
  • Ur III list of barley rations to adults and children.
    Children in the Ancient Near East
  • The site of Tell Deir ‘Alla in Jordan. Photo: © Lucas Petit.
    The Dutch and the Ancient Near East
  • Mass grave in cave Lachish showing skulls of some individuals buried after the Assyrian conquest of Lachish under Sennacherib in 701 BC (from Lachish III, Pl. 4).
    Horrors of War in the Ancient Near East
  • Saladin-citadel
    7 Things You Should Know About ASOR’s Syrian Heritage Initiative
  • The 2014 RAP excavations at Gird-i Dasht showing Islamic fortifications of the early modern era at the mound’s summit.
    Kurdistan 2014: Archaeology amid Uncertainty

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    FOA Podcast, “A Look Inside BASOR,” Featuring Professors Rollston and Cline

    In this episode of the Friends of ASOR podcast, we go behind the scenes for an inside look at the Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research (BASOR). We’re talking with [...]

  • Susan Ackerman PODCAST

    FOA Podcast: “State of Biblical Archaeology Around the World,” Featuring Dr. Susan Ackerman

    In this episode ASOR’s own Ancient Near East Today editor, Alex Joffe discusses the present ups and downs of studying biblical archaeology and the humanities, with [...]

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    “Gilgamesh: Civilization vs. Natural World,” Featuring J.J.M. Roberts

    In this episode, ASOR’s own Ancient Near East Today editor, Alex Joffe spoke with Jimmy Jack McBee Roberts (J. J. M. Roberts) the William Henry Green Professor of Old Testament Literature (Emeritus) at Princeton Theological Seminary.

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    “The Legacies of Herod the Great,” featuring Professor Barbara Burrell

    Near Eastern Archaeology, Volume 77, Issue 2 was a special issue focusing on Herod the Great. Herod has been described in many ways, from the greatest builder in Jewish history, to the slaughterer of innocents. University of Cincinnati professor, Barbara Burrell a call


  • Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 10.58.48 AM

    Pathologies by the Bone: Making Meaning from Commingled Remains

    At the 2014 ASOR Annual Meeting, Debra Martin presented the paper, “Pathologies by the Bone: Making Meaning from Commingled Remains at Tell Abraq, UAE (2200–2000 BCE),” during the session on mortuary perspectives [...]

  • Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 8.06.01 AM

    Kani Shaie: An Early Bronze Age Center in the Bazyan Valley, Sulaimaniya

    At the 2014 ASOR Annual Meeting, Steve Renette presented the paper, “Kani Shaie: An Early Bronze Age Center in the Bazyan Valley, Sulaymaniyah,” during the Archaeology of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq [...]

  • Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 8.20.46 AM

    Transcendent Occultation of the Divine in Neo-Babylonian Art [VIDEO]

    At the 2014 ASOR Annual Meeting in San Diego, Constance Gane chaired the Archaeology of Mesopotamia session. This session had submissions in all areas illuminated by archaeology that relate to the material [...]

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    Most Popular ASORtv Videos of 2014

    ASORtv now has more than 45 videos available to the public for free. We will continue to upload great content throughout 2015. As we prepare to post more videos, let’s take a look back at the five most popular videos from 2014. What was your [...]

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