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The Christian Monks Who Saved Jewish History

One of the most remarkable anomalies of Jewish history is that its most popular literature…one of the most remarkable anomalies of Jewish history is that its most popular literature […]


The Grammar of Messianism

Messianism is one of those classic topics in Jewish studies that suffers not for lack of attention but rather for confusion […]


Rebuilding Eden in the Land of Eridu

The site of Eridu had a special place in the Mesopotamian tradition. In Babylonian literature the relevance of Eridu […]


The Exodus in Archaeology and Text

The Exodus is at the core of the Bible: understanding it requires a fusion of archaeology and texts. But a new interpretation suggests that scholars should be looking for […]


The Pharaoh’s Magic – Imagery and Diplomacy in the Late Bronze Age

What was the ‘actual’ role of ancient Egyptian magic in the royal palace […]


Sunlight and Shade in the First Cities – A Sensory Archaeology of Early Iraq

Sunlight and Shade in the First Cities explores the interaction of sunlight and architecture in the urban landscapes of Bronze Age Mesopotamian cities […]


Were YHWH and Dionysus Once the Same God?

Who was YHWH? Did he have any parallels – or shared ancestors –elsewhere in the ancient Mediterranean world […]


The Invention of Judaism. Torah and Jewish Identity from Deuteronomy to Paul

When did Jews become Jews? Was being a “Judean” or a “Jew” a question of place and religion, or was it an identity founded in the Law? A new book shows the answer to be neither simple nor stable.


Rescuing Syriac Manuscripts in Iraq

The Mār Behnam manuscripts date between the 13th and the 20th centuries, some exhibiting outstanding Syriac calligraphy […]


Silk Textiles in the Southern Levant

The Hebrew word for silk appears only twice in the Bible. But after 400 CE, as Christianity and pilgrimage expanded, silk from Egypt and Syria began to appear, and to be preserved in the arid zones of the Southern Levant.


Göbekli Tepe: Neolithic Gathering and Feasting at the Beginning of Food Production

On the highest point of a rocky outcrop in southeastern Turkey lies a mound intentionally buried over 10,000 years ago. It contains some of the most astonishing ritual architecture ever found […]


The Big Bad Wolves of the Ancient Near East Speak: Royal Apologetic in Context

To hear him tell it, the big bad wolf was really the hero. Ancient Near Eastern kings also saw themselves as heroes, and had a unique literary genre, royal apologetic, to make it clear to readers, and to posterity.


San Miceli in Sicily: Excavation of an early Christian Basilica and Village

Christianity arrived on Sicily sometime around 250 CE and quickly reached the small village of San Miceli. One of the first things the new Christians did was build a basilica […]


The VALUE project: Video Games and Archaeology at Leiden University

Doom? Downfall? Super Mario Bros? Sure, they’re fun, but now video games contribute to public outreach, heritage preservation, education, and archaeological research. […]


The Land before the Kingdom of Israel: Asking New Questions of Old Data

Late Bronze Age Canaan was made of many different social groups and political units. How did some of these come together to form the Israelites […]

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