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10 Tips for Packing for a Dig

As the temperature starts to rise outside, many of us will pack our bags and head into the field. In archaeology, summer is a time for excavations and travel. Since a majority of these excavations will not likely be in your backyard, we here at ASOR thought we’d put together some tips for packing for […]


Coins and Plain Wares at Kourion’s Amathous Gate Cemetery

By: Anne Destrooper-Georgiades, Smadar Gabrieli and Michael Given One of the most striking features of the Greco-Roman city of Kourion  on the south coast of Cyprus is the cemetery that lines the road leading up to the Amathous Gate on the south-eastern side of its Acropolis. The tombs range from the Hellenistic to Late Roman period […]


Persia and the East: Relationship between Central Asia and the Achaemenid Empire

Wu Xin, Institute for the Study of the Ancient World, New York University 2012-2013 Noble Group Fellow W.F. Albright Institute of Archaeological Research During the last decade, the focus of scholarship on the Achaemenid empire (ca. 550-330 B.C.) has gradually shifted from a study of the overall structure of the empire on the basis of […]


2013 Expedition to Khirbat Iskandar and its Environs

By: Cassandra Parsons, 2013 Heritage Fellowship Recipient Normally, my response to the typical back-to-school or September-time question—the dreaded “How was your summer?”— is rather boring. Usually, summers are hot, and I typically work in a local pizza shop almost every day. That wasn’t the case this year, thanks in part to a Heritage Fellowship that […]


Excavating Village Life in Roman-Period Galilee

Alex Ramos, University of Pennsylvania, Platt Fellowship Recipient This summer, I was able to join the Samford University-led excavations of Shikhin, thanks in no small part to the ASOR fellowship that helped fund my stay. I was invited to come on as an area supervisor, in charge of the excavation and meticulous recording of two […]


2013 Platt Fellowship: A Summer at Hippos Sussita

Matt Winter, Platt Fellowship Recipient My initial introduction to the site of Hippos Sussita, near Kibbutz Ein Gev in Israel, was one which left me feeling a sense of the grandeur this ancient city must have had. One of the member cities of the Decopolis, a region of ten major cities in what is today Israel, Jordan and Syria. […]


ASORtv: How the Grants Help

When ASOR Director Andy Vaughn traveled to Israel and Jordan in 2012, he met up with recipients of the Platt and Heritage Fellowships. He asked them three questions… What is the most exciting thing to happen on a dig? How has this grant helped you? What is the strangest and/or toughest thing to happen on a dig? In this […]

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