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Here are some links to recent news from the world of Archaeology!

  • It looks like the artifacts in the Cairo museum are now being protected, but not all of them.
  •  Here is an interesting YouTube video of the looting at the Cairo museum.  
  • Other sites around Egypt need protecting as well.
  • The preservation of Babylon made the New York Times.
  • A pilgrim road has been uncovered in Israel.  Super Bowl feasts may have their origin in preagricultural peoples.
  • A sealed jar has been discovered at Qumran.
  • Berlin’s Pergamon museum has restored Tell Halaf Artifacts devastated during World War Two.
  • Recently discovered artifacts suggest and earlier human exit from Africa than previously thought.
  • A Roman Legion lost in China?
  • Lots left to discover at Göbekli Tepe.
  • Subterranean chamber discovered in Syria.
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