Where are ASOR members? [INFOGRAPHIC]

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ASOR’S Global Appeal!!!

Kaitlynn Anderson, our ASOR Digital Media Specialist, just put together a fascinating graphic that shows where our ASOR members are and just how international ASOR’s membership has become! While the majority of ASOR’s membership is in the United States (1264), ASOR members can be found in 38 other countries as well! The largest contingent outside of the US is from our good friends and colleagues to the north—Canada (64 members)! However, ASOR members are also found in 13 counties in Asia with Palestine/Israel leading the way (90 members). ASOR’s reach in Europe extends to 18 countries with particular strong contingents in the United Kingdom (48), Germany (38), Italy (34) and France (10). While ASOR’s membership has understandably been strongest in the country of its birthplace in the U.S., these membership numbers reveal a much wider appeal and interest well beyond the U.S. in what our organization does. It also points to a strength of ASOR that perhaps could be expanded to make ASOR even more successful—both in more prominently recognizing our already existing international collaborations and looking for opportunities to form new ones. For example, my own recent experiences in working with non-ASOR European colleagues on a joint central Mediterranean/Levantine project has shown that there are many international scholars who are interested in what ASOR does and the potential that collaborations with ASOR scholars offer their own research—in some cases they have not realized that ASOR is not just for Americans, and in other cases they just need to be invited to join! I am sure many other ASOR members have similar interactions and experiences. ASOR’s membership committee is very interested in finding ways to increase our international appeal and be of greater service to the larger global community of ANE scholars. Please let us know if you have contacts or ideas how we can continue to expand ASOR’s international reach and appeal! You can email me or our office to get in touch.

Randall W. Younker, chair
ASOR Membership Committee

ASOR Membership Infographic

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