Reconstructed entrance to the Northwest palace. Photograph by the 94th Engineering Battalion, October 2008.

11 Photos from Nimrud

Reports indicate that ISIS has destroyed portions of the Assyrian city of Nimrud. Check out these 11 photos from 2008-2010 that document some of what may have been lost. 1. Aerial view of Nimrud during the 1950s. 2. Aerial photograph of Nimrud showing topography and principal […]


Syrian Heritage Initiative Symposium - Luncheon Presentation [VIDEO]

On November 23rd, the Syrian Heritage Initiative hosted a public Symposium at the 2014 ASOR Annual Meeting in San Diego, CA. The more than 80 attendees included ASOR members, representatives of other groups […]


Extensive Recent Looting Revealed

The very important ancient site of Mari (Tell Hariri) in Deir ez-Zor, Syria, which appears on the tentative list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, has recently seen a pronounced increase in looting under ISIL control. […]

Egyptian Ambassador Mohamed Tawfik, Minister Ibrahim, ICPEA Chair Deborah Lehr, Deputy Chief of Mission Yasser Elnaggar.

Egyptian Ministry Signs First Ever Public-Private Partnership Agreement with International Coalition to Protect Egyptian Antiquities

By: Peter Herdrich, Vice Chairman of the ICPEA Washington, DC - The Egyptian Minister of State for Antiquities has signed a public-private partnership agreement with the U.S.-based International Coalition to Protect Egyptian Antiquities (ICPEA) to protect Egyptian cultural heritage sites and antiquities from looting and cultural racketeers. At a signing ceremony on Monday, March 10 in […]

Garšana Archives tablet (CUNES 39-01-013) from the Jonathan and Jeannette Rosen Ancient Near Eastern Seminar, Cornell University. Published in David I. Owen and Rudolf H. Mayr, with the assistance of Alexandra Kleinerman, The Garšana Archives, (Cornell University Studies in Assyriology and Sumerology Volume 3), CDL Press, 2007. The tablet will be returned to Iraq.

Cuneiform Exceptionalism: An Argument for Studying and Publishing Unprovenanced Tablets

By: Jerrold S. Cooper, Ph.D. Department of Near Eastern Studies Johns Hopkins University I always opposed the publication of looted cuneiform tablets, until I had a sudden epiphany at the 2004 ASOR meeting in San Antonio. There, archaeologist John Russell, newly returned from Iraq, estimated that tablets were leaving Iraq at the rate of thousands […]

Fig. 2: Eric Cline in looter's pit. Copyright Peter Herdrich

How ASOR is Helping to Protect Egyptian Antiquities

By: Peter Herdrich EFFORTS TO SAVE EGYPTIAN ANTIQUITIES ARE PICKING UP SPEED. BUT WHOSE RESPONSIBILITY IS IT? The Washington Post recently published an opinion piece by Mohammed Ibrahim, Egypt’s minister of antiquities, under the headline, “Egypt’s stolen heritage.” In it, Mr. Ibrahim connects Egypt’s archaeological heritage to two centuries of tourism, stating that tourism is […]

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