Yorke Rowan Dig Bag

What’s in your dig bag, Yorke Rowan?

In our “What’s in your dig bag?” series, we asked working field archaeologists what they carry with them out in the field. We wanted to know what gear they love and what items might be unique to them. I keep changing hats; one year I have […]

Aerial photograph of Marj Rabba, Areas AA and BB, taken from a hexacopter using a GoPro (Photo by A.C. Hill).

New Data on the Chalcolithic Period

Traditionally less scholarly attention has been focused on the southern Levantine 5th and early 4th millennia BCE (the Chalcolithic period, or the “Ghassulian” period after the type site of […]

Dr. Nancy Serwint

Women in Archaeology

By: Dr. Nancy Serwint, Associate Professor, Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts Arizona State University I have always thought that the sandbox of archaeology was big enough for lots of us to play in, and I guess, for the most part, I was never that observant to actually see who was doing the playing.  Having grown […]


A Hotbed of Healing: Ritual Cures in Roman Palestine

By: Megan Nutzman, University of Chicago 2012-2013 Educational and Cultural Affairs Fellow W.F. Albright Institute of Archaeological Research My dissertation looks at ritual healing in Roman and late antique Syria-Palestine.  Significant scholarly work has been done in the areas of “magical” healing, through the use of amulets and incantations, and on localized healing cults, such […]


Common Ground: Archaeological Practice and Local Communities in Southeastern Turkey

What is the proper relationship between archaeologist and a local community? Whose needs have priority? In this abridged piece from Near Eastern Archaeology, Melissa Rosenzweig and Laurent Dissard put this in concrete terms – when a family wants to bury a loved one on an archaeological site. By: Melissa Rosenzweig and Laurent Dissard For excavations […]

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