Digging Deep at Jezreel

A lot of things happen on a dig. Most of time, these are things you never expect. This is all the more so when you’re digging from […]

My Time at a Roman-Era Jewish Settlement

Thanks to ASOR’s William G. Dever Fellowship for Biblical Scholars, in Summer 2016, I traveled to Israel to participate in the Shikhin Excavation Project and to conduct research at the Albright Institute in […]

A Journey to Jordan

I am deeply grateful to ASOR and to the late Mrs. Katherine Barton Platt for the Platt Fellowship, which made my wonderful trip to Jordan possible this summer. I thank you, and all ASOR fellowship donors, whose contributions […]

“It Belongs in a Museum!”

Let’s be honest, excavation is the most glamorous part of archaeology. Digging is what an archaeologist dreams of. And it is this romantic aspect of archaeology that the media and wider public are entranced by. Rightly so! Excavation is amazing! […]

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Pottery

Our season this summer at the Omrit Settlement Excavation Project at Horvat Omrit in the Hula Valley was one filled with surprises. […]

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Archaeology, Much More Than Just Digging

I owe a huge thanks to the ASOR fellowship donors for providing the assistance I needed to participate on the Kalavasos and Ayios Demetrios Built Environment (KAMBE) project this summer in Cyprus. […]

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A Day in the Life of an Archeologist at Omrit

This summer, thanks to ASOR and a generous Platt Fellowship, I was again able to participate in ongoing fieldwork at the Omrit Settlement Excavation Project in the northern Galilee of Israel. […]

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Welcome to the Trench of Wonder and Walls

I would like to first and foremost thank the donors who contributed to the Platt and other ASOR fellowships allowing me, other students, and researchers alike to go out into the field this summer. These funds covered my travel […]

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A Brief Overview of a PNRP Dig Season

Thanks to ASOR’s Platt Fellowship, I was able to participate in the Petra North Ridge Project (PNRP) this summer. The Petra North Ridge Project is an excavation that began in summer of 2012. It focuses […]

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Excavating in Jordan, Twice in One Season

This year I had the good fortune to be asked to join the Madaba Plains Project to work on the Tall al-‘Umayri Archaeological Project in Jordan. I must thank ASOR and the G. Ernest Wright Fellowship donors, Eric and Carol Meyers, for their […]

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