Jalul in the 19th Century Explorer’s Accounts

By: Paul J. Ray, Constance E. Gane, and Randall W. Younker Institute of Archaeology Andrews University The Bronze and Iron Age site of Tall Jalūl, in central Jordan, has been excavated since 1992, yielding an impressive array of domestic and administrative buildings; remnants of an Iron Age II gate, with superimposed roadways leading to it; […]


ASOR Archives: The Dibon Excavation Collection

Did you know that the ASOR Archives documents over a century of American archaeological research in the Near East? The archive holds about forty collections, including the papers of past ASOR presidents, photograph collections, personal papers, and excavation collections. One of these is the Dibon Excavation Collection, which contains documents and photographs from ASOR’s dig […]


The Leo Boer Archive and the Non-Professional Archaeological Photographs-project

By: Bart Wagemakers University of Applied Sciences Utrecht Introduction As an employee of the National Museum of Antiquities in Leyden, the Netherlands, I happened to meet the late Leo Boer on an ordinary day in 1999. It seems that Boer had studied for the priesthood at the Pontificial Biblical Institute at Rome in the mid-1950s. […]


Atarah in the Archives: Nelson Glueck’s Canine Companion

By: Cynthia Rufo-McCormick, ASOR Archivist and Website Manager A few months ago, while transcribing diaries from the Nelson Glueck Papers, we came across a short, curious entry penned by Glueck on December 12, 1938:  “Dec. 12, 1938. Atarah was married at 3:00 P.M. to Nimrud, owned by Mr. Amitai. Unfortunately, it developed subsequently, that Atarah’s father is […]


A Look into Our Past

October is a busy month for the world of Archaeology. There’s the International Archaeology Day (IAD) on October 19th, Archaeological Institute of America’s (AIA) Archaeology Day Fair at the Museum of Science in Boston, and over 300 archaeology events throughout the month in various parts of the world. October also kicks off Archives Month here […]

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