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BASOR - Nov. 2013 (Archaeology of Cyprus)

[box type=”note” color=”000080″ bg=”ffcc00″ font=”helvetica” fontsize=”16″ radius=”8″ border=”000″ float=”right”]OFFER GOOD UNTIL APRIL 15, 2014[/box] [button color=”blue” link=”″ size=”medium” target=”_parent” font=”helvetica” fontw=”bold” textcolor=”ffffff” align=”left”]Look Inside[/button] [button color=”red” link=”″ size=”medium” font=”helvetica” textcolor=”ffffff” align=”left”]Order Now[/button] Non-Member Price - $80 (Includes U.S. S&H) ASOR Member Price - $40 (Includes U.S. S&H) [highlight bgcolor=”23668″ txtcolor=”000000″]FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY:[/highlight] Anyone […]

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